29 April 2013

{30 Seconds} to say CHEESE!

I wish I could start every Monday with a big smile on my face like the one I'm carrying around today! There's just nothing better than being in the company of great friends, amazing food, a perfect cheese platter and the amount of laughter that comes from one rule-adjusted game of 30 Seconds!

My husband and I made a quick trip to Cape Town last night for a late Sunday afternoon 'braai' - I must just mention that there was no fire, 'tjops' or 'braaisous' involved, oh no, this was much much better! Our hosts, Danni & Leroy had us vulture around a mouthwatering cheese platter - just look at the pictures below and you'll see why I just had to document this masterpiece! Little did we know that after what I call The Villet Cheese Platter was served there was a pork belly and an upside-down apple tart heading our way - they worked like 'vinkel en koljander' in their kitchen and in our slightly 'adjusted' game of 30 seconds! I blame our loss on the CHEESE, but it was worth it!

Enjoy! - as for me, I'll have to brush up on my 30 seconds skills in the meantime - even if it's just my general knowledge about...cheese!

What is your favourite cheese? Have you seen the Pick n Pay Cheese Bar, wow! So many to cheeses to choose from!

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One ramekin with figs in syrup
One ramekin filled with peach preserve
One ramekin watermelon preserve
One of each or of your choice:
Camembert/Blue/Brie block of cheese
Gouda and/or Cheddar cheese
40-60 Pistachios {own choice}
4-6 Granadillas {sliced in half}
PnP Melba toasties - keep it close, you might need to refill ;)
Salty Crackers/Crackers of your choice

*Serving suggestion: Add rocket, coriander, mint or basil leaves for a pop of colour & flavour!

You need: A wooden cutting board. You can use it to serve your creative cheese platter on! Slice, dice & get creative!

The products used in this post were purchased by the hosts. All products available at:

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