28 June 2013

{Winter Wine Pairing} Weekend Competition in the Winelands!

It was a slightly warmer winter's day, on the 10th of May, as I put on my leather farm-ish boots and headed to the beautiful Avondale Wine Estate to taste and be treated like a winter queen, to indulge in Chef Reuben Riffel's delightfully and deliciously wine paired gourmet soups! {Full post click here}

Now YOU can stand a chance to taste Avondale's perfectly paired wines by entering this Winter Weekend COMPETITION!
{PRIZE} One person stands a chance of winning two tickets to experience the Winter Warmer Pairing at Avondale Wine Estate!
{What you need to do}

1. Send us an email at koekiesencream@ymail.com with the answer to the following question before Sunday 30 June 2013, midnight:

What is the name of the Wine Estate hosting the Winter Warmer Pairing?

*T&C's apply.

24 June 2013

The Reci{P}e

{Poppadums, Potatoes, Pepperdews, Peas , Parmesan & Pitted olives}
This is definitely a ReciPe! Easy to remember {as most of the ingredients start with the letter ‘P’} and just as easy to make! I woke up this morning and decided that I wanted to document my post instead of just writing it. By this I mean, literally writing while cooking – and hopefully not getting my PC caught in the cooking-crossfire!

12 June 2013

10 Warm-hearted Ways to give back {Father's Day}

Father's Day (16 June) is a very special day on my calendar! Being a little Daddy's girl, this is a day that I really get to spoil my Dad for all the wonderful ways in which he supports, treats and inspires us children throughout the year! This year I got really inspired by Pick n Pay's Winter Hot Lists! And some of the great gift ideas that they have in store!

I have great memories of my Dad and I doing grocery shopping together, particularly those where I would secretly slip in a few packets of sweets or chocolates while he was busy selecting the right and best cut meat or unpacking the trolley. I decided to make my own Winter Hotlist, not for myself, but for my Dad, putting together his all time favourites. This is a definite recipe for success! {See Easy-to-find Pick n Pay Shopping List below}

I also decided to make my #10 a recipe I know will immediately warm up the winter cold and most definitely any Father's heart: A Warm Dark Chocolate Island Pudding! {See recipe below}