23 August 2013

Pretty Pink Pop{corn}

It's Friday!! Which means DVD's, friends, family, eats and lots of weekend treats! This is, I think, one of the quickest treats that you will ever make. That's if you have a microwave (or a stove if you prefer stove popcorn), but remember, I'm trying to make it even quicker!
This is a perfect girly birthday party nibble, kitchen tea treat, DVD night sweet snack or makes for a very pretty popcorn cake pop - just add a pop stick. Or you can even package it and make a homemade edible gift. So, let the sticky-fun start! This recipe makes about 14-16 medium sized Pretty Pink Pop{corn} pops/balls. - also, I just had to share the very pretty plum tree blossoms outside my kitchen!
This is what you need:
45 Pink/White Marshmallows
120g Stork Bake
1 packet Ster Kinekor unflavoured popcorn.
Mixing bowl
Microwave - or you can replace it by making your own popcorn, about 5 cups popped popcorn
Grease the mixing bowl and set aside. Pop the Ster Kinekor unflavoured {light} popcorn, available at Pick n Pay, in the microwave as indicated on the package and according to your microwave strength. Put at least 4-5 cups of popped popcorn into the greased mixing bowl.
In the saucepan, melt the Stork Bake over medium heat. Add marshmallow and stir until completely melted. Pour the melted marshmallow mixture over the popcorn and mix through. Make sure that each piece popcorn at least has a little bit of the marshmallow mixture touching it.
Now its time to get your hands dirty. Grease the insides of your hands with a little bit of Stork Bake, just to keep the sticky mixture from sticking to your hands. Now start making small-medium sized popcorn pops/balls with your hands.
Lightly grease a plate and place the already rolled popcorn balls on the plate and refrigerate until cool. Remember, the mixture will not go hard - it's not caramel - it will simply cool and keep the ball in its shape. Store in a airtight container in the refrigerator.

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21 August 2013

Pine{Apple} Crumble

Apple Crumble is most definitely one of my father's favourite desserts and tea-time treats of all time! This dessert is not only a very comforting dessert because of the lovely Cinnamon smell that fills up the kitchen once you open the oven door, it is also one of the most versatile ones.
Whether you like peaches, pineapples, apples or pears, you can probably 'crumble' any fruit that you would like to. Yesterday, I walked into Pick n Pay only to find the freshest Granny Smith green apples that I have had in years. On my way through the fresh fruit and vegetable section I picked up a lovely yellow pineapple as well. Although I didn't mean for it to become a dessert, I came home and thought that while I do love sweet, sour and a little bit of spice together, I'd like to try these two together, in a crumble - pineapple and apples. Today I'm making Pine{Apple} Crumble!
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This dessert serves 4-6 people.
This is what I did:
Fruit layer:
4 medium sized Granny Smith apples, sliced
Half a pineapple chopped into squares/slices
45 ml traditional golden syrup
40ml caramel sugar

1 cup cake flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 heaped tsp ground cinnamon
5 tbsp castor sugar
80g Stork Bake + 1 tsp to butter/grease pie dish
2 tbsp chopped cashew nuts

Butter/grease a medium sized pie dish with Stork Bake. Place the sliced apple and pineapple pieces in the pie dish to cover the base of the pie dish. Because of all the lovely crumble that will be on top I decided not to make a crust. Evenly pour the golden syrup and then the caramel sugar over the fruit base.
In a food processor mix together the cake flour, baking powder, cinnamon, sugar, cashew nuts and Stork Bake until a crumb-like texture forms. Cover the fruit base with the crumb mixture.
Bake at a 190*C for 40-45 minutes until the crumbs are light brown and the caramel syrup is bubbling on the sides of the pie dish.
*Serving suggestion: Preferably serve warm with custard, whipped cream or ice cream. My dad loves his Crumble and Custard mix! 

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7 August 2013

{Vrouedag} 'n Dag vol Daisies

Daar is niks so vrolik soos vars blomme in die huis nie. Die gesiggies wat loer en kyk waar die volgende sonstraal in die kamer gaan deurbreek. Dit is die bloeisels voor my kamervenster wat my vanoggend aan die Daisy blommetjie laat dink het.
Die naam 'Daisy' kom van die woorde 'Day's eye' af, omdat die blommetjie gedurende die dag oopmaak en weer toemaak in die nag. Daar is net iets spesiaals en eenvoudig aan 'n bossie Daisies en ek kon myself net nie keer om kolwyntjies te maak wat nes hierdie beeldskone, stralende en 'onskuldige' blommetjies lyk nie. Met oor die 12 000 Daisy spesies wat beskikbaar is, het ek besluit ek wil die een namaak wat aan ons almal bekend is, die wit Daisy.
Pragtig, skoon en suiwer en tot vandag toe is die wit Daisy alombekend as 'n geskenk van suiwere liefde. Dit is ook hoe ek vandag se Daisy kolwyntjies beskryf - vol KoekiesEnCream liefde! Lente loer vir ons! Hierdie is die perfekte geskenkie vir jou ma, suster, dogter of vriendin om hierdie Vrydag Vrouedag te vier!