29 April 2013

{30 Seconds} to say CHEESE!

I wish I could start every Monday with a big smile on my face like the one I'm carrying around today! There's just nothing better than being in the company of great friends, amazing food, a perfect cheese platter and the amount of laughter that comes from one rule-adjusted game of 30 Seconds!

My husband and I made a quick trip to Cape Town last night for a late Sunday afternoon 'braai' - I must just mention that there was no fire, 'tjops' or 'braaisous' involved, oh no, this was much much better! Our hosts, Danni & Leroy had us vulture around a mouthwatering cheese platter - just look at the pictures below and you'll see why I just had to document this masterpiece! Little did we know that after what I call The Villet Cheese Platter was served there was a pork belly and an upside-down apple tart heading our way - they worked like 'vinkel en koljander' in their kitchen and in our slightly 'adjusted' game of 30 seconds! I blame our loss on the CHEESE, but it was worth it!

Enjoy! - as for me, I'll have to brush up on my 30 seconds skills in the meantime - even if it's just my general knowledge about...cheese!

What is your favourite cheese? Have you seen the Pick n Pay Cheese Bar, wow! So many to cheeses to choose from!

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17 April 2013

Time for a Cup of...{Soup}

It’s time for a Cup of…soup! Yes, thick and creamy, but healthy! I played around with a few easy-to-find ingredients – some of them you might have in your kitchen, other you’ll quickly have to pop into Pick n Pay to get the necessary goodies!

I have two favourite soup recipes: Butternut soup and Peas soup. Last winter I think I overindulged a bit on the butternut side, so this winter I’ll start with a Peas Soup Recipe!

16 April 2013

Tantalise your Taste {of Cape Town} Buds!

I never thought I’d dream of food after I’ve already eaten it, but after this year’s Pick n Pay Taste of Cape Town event, I was even day-dreaming about the tantalising tastes I tried and tested. I simply couldn’t wait for it to start, so I attended Friday night’s session.  Off course I did a little research as to the who’s who that  was going to cook up a storm at the festival and I knew that come the end of the session I had to have at least tasted one of each.
Well, well, well, was I surprised, time flies when your having fun and eating delicious food, but I managed (and I still don’t know how) to taste all my favourites – and a few extra too. I also had the opportunity to meet executive Chef Stefan Marais from The Brasserie and Janine from SASSI after a very informative session about sustainable seafood in the Pick n Pay Chef’s Theatre, where we were greeted with a pomegranate and mint refreshment drink and a Fresh Living Magazine. For more information about sustainable seafood {click here}.
In true KoekiesEnCream style I started my tasting list with dessert - I’m so glad I did as there were so many to choose from!
Here is the KoekiesEnCream Top 5 ‘sweet tooth’ tastings:
1. Banana Macaroons with Banana Puree, Banana Caviar and gel from Dash Restaurant & Bar.
2. White Chocolate Pistachio Truffle with Dark Chocolate Ganache inside from Apprentice.
3. Coconut & Lime Handmade Ice Cream from The Creamery. – Just loved the cuteness and energy about them!
4. Freshly made Lindt Milk Chocolate Pralines and Truffles from Lindt Chocolate Studio.
5. Rose Macaroons from Daniela’s.
Next: The mains! This was indeed the best I’ve had in years, not only because I love eating small portions, but because I had the chance to select every single main portion that I was about to have.
My Top 3 mains:
1. Slow roasted beef short rib, grilled rib-eye, goats cheese arancini, miso-roasted sweetcorn, pickled beetroot & smoked BBQ jus from Signal Restaurant at Cape Grace.
2. West Coast Mussels with tomato & chili from TheBrasserie, can also be served as a starter if you take a small portion.
3. 24hour-braised lamb breast, parmesan polenta & smoked tomato jus from Dash Restaurant.
Lastly, I wanted to end my first ever Taste of Cape Town with a starter (as a reminder that this is the start of great things to come). There was one particular starter that stood out amongst the rest for me:
The taste, texture and colours of the Norwegian Salmon & Avocado Tartare, Parmesan Galette, Ikura Caviar, soy-lime broth & micro herbs from Savour @ 15 on Orange.
Photos edited by Jana Jonsson Photography
Remember there are literally hundreds of delicious dishes, drinks & desserts to choose and taste, so be sure not to miss the next tantalising Taste of Cape Town in 2014.
View the full Show Guide Menu here.

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11 April 2013

Fig{de}licious Muffins

This morning I opened the kitchen cupboard and there it was, Pick n Pay Finest Fig Jam! For an early bird I thought well, maybe it might not be such a good idea to start the day with something sweet, but then I thought... wait a minute, let's make another peek-a-boo recipe, a 'surprise' ingredient and that's when recipe popped into my head...Fig Health Muffins. *{See recipe and Easy-to-find Shopping list below}

With winter peeping around every corner, I wanted to have a healthy breakfast to boost my immune system and get some extra fibre into my everyday diet. But...it wouldn't be possible for me to leave out 'something sweet'. So, I came up with a healthy alternative for a grab-and-go breakfast. This peek-a-boo fig jam muffin is perfect. It already has the jam inside the health muffin - perfect for when you are in a rush, having a picnic or surprising your tea-time guests!

3 April 2013

{Mooi in} Rooi Lipsel Rooi Fluweel Tert

Vanoggend toe ek opstaan en my klerekas bekyk, het ek gevoel soos destyds toe ek nog mevrou-mevrou gespeel het, my ma se hakskoene aangetrek het, my ouma se aan'clip' oorbelle gedra het en rooi lipsel aangesmeer het tot bokant en onderkant my liplyne. Die enigste verskil was dat ek nou reeds al 'n 'mevrou' was, my eie pruim-kleur hofskoentjies aangetrek het en my lipsel meer na pruimpienk 'tint' as na rooi - maar van binne het ek nogsteeds soos 'n kind gevoel. Steeds so opgewonde oor die tooisels wat ek myself mee optof en nuuskierig, want wie weet wat die rooi-lip-dag sal inhou! 

Daar is iets hartliks, warm en natuurlik uiters aantreklik aan diĆ© kleur, dis mooi, dis volrond, dis kleurvol, dis ryk, dis diep, dis rooi. Vandag se resep is alles behalwe 'n rooi 'suur pruim'. Dis soet, dis sappig, dis sag...en ek het dit 'gedoop' in rooi, ek het dit gedoop:
Rooi Lipsel-lekker Rooi Fluweel Tert!