26 December 2012

{Kersfees om die tafel} Dekor

Kersete in ons huis is altyd 'n baie groot 'affêre', soos hulle sê. Met Ouma wat kom kuier en met al die kuikens onder een dak was die tafel gedek en reg vir die smaaklike ete waarvoor ons sou aansit later die aand. Hierdie jaar het ons oud en nuut gekombineer - enige iets van vintage plekmatjies, wit gespuite draad sterre, 'n doily gehekelde tafeldoek tot laser gesnyde hout figuurtjies. Krap bietjie in die huis rond, daar is altyd ietsie ouds en nuuts om te inkorporeer in jou dekor - dit maak die tafel net soveel interessanter - kyk gerus! {Wenk: Onthou jou dekor moet jou kos komplimenteer - ons het oud en nuut op ons spyskaart verteenwoordig}

21 December 2012

{All wrapped up} and somewhere special to go!

It's a wrap for 2012 and I can truly say that 2012 has been a very blessed year for KoekiesEnCream! I met some extraordinary people, baked some interesting cupcakes and learned so much about the baking industry. However the year isn't over yet with all the New Year's events and adventures that we will all be engaging in in the next couple of days! But, I want to thank all my clients who keep on coming with wild, interesting, creative and challenging ideas! I can't wait to see what 2013 has up its sleeve!

This then our last Christmas Cookie & Cupcake post for 2012. May you all have a great holiday filled with sweet things and kind words! And as I always say {in Afrikaans} - Ietsie soets is altyd ietsie goeds!

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Make your own Christmas Cake Pops - Video

20 December 2012

{Christmas Gifts} Great Idea!

{Thank you Marilee de Vries - Bok Radio Presenter for this awesome idea!} Give someone a taste of the festive season by giving them a personalised, edible Christmas Gift! Be different, don't go for the regular - box of chocolates, turkish delight or nougat! Treat your loved ones, friends or family to a personalised Christmas Cookie in a 'invisable' wrapping so they can see their present and keep it for as long as they can fight the temptation of eating it! {hehe} - BONUS: You can even use it as both a gift and place keepers on your beautifully decorated Christmas table! For more ideas visit our Facebook page: KoekiesEnCream

Just look at the Christmas Cookies we made for Marilee and her family!

18 December 2012

{Christmas Cookie} CRAZE

It's the season to be jolly falalalala lala la laa! And with sooo many Christmas Cookies taking over the KoekiesEnCream kitchen how can it be any different! Here are some of our latest Royal Icing Sugar Cookie designs for Christmas! All ready to be sent away with Santa!

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14 December 2012

{Christmas Cupcakes} Bob & Bella

After I watched this morning's episode of Expresso and saw this cuuute picture of the frenchies taking a nap during the show and looking at their adorable faces I just couldn't resist creating little cupcake toppers for each of them!

The two frenchies' cupcake toppers by KoekiesEnCream:

13 December 2012

Finest Food for the Festive Season!

KoekiesEnCream just found the perfect and FINEST combination for a quick Christmas Season Snack! Pick n Pay's Finest Parmesan Bites with a dash of Black Cherry & Aniseed Jam! The best of both worlds - something salty with something sweet!

10 December 2012

Cute Christmas Cupcakes

Cuuuuute Cupcakes with custom made cupcake wrappers for Christmas! Now you can have Santa, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, a snow man, snowflakes and a mini Christmas tree on your dessert table!

To order email: koekiesencream@ymail.com

6 December 2012

Baby {Animal} Mobile

I just recently made lovely cupcakes for my sister-in-law's babyshower {which you can view here: Baby Animals for a Baby Shower} and came across some cute baby felt animal mobile pictures online. So, of course, I couldn't resist trying to make some myself! They are really easy to cut out and stitch together - I found a few animal designs online and got a little creative myself with a few of the colors. Felt is probably the best material to use for these DIY cuties, because it's strong and there is no need to seem or burn the edges of the material. AND if you have kids, want to give it as a Christmas gift or you are an expecting mother yourself, then this is a perfect little project to take on!

{Almond Cookie} Slices

What to do with a bit of extra cookie dough and fresh diced almonds? Well, it's as simple as:

1. Knead the dough until soft.
2. Roll out on a flat baking tray.
3. Sprinkle the diced almonds over the rolled cookie dough.
4. Bake for plus/minus 20 minutes until light brown.
5. Slice while still warm.
6. Serving suggestion: Lovely with tea!

4 December 2012

Cake Stand for Christmas

I love buying gifts and I think I came across the perfect lady-like Christmas gift! A lovely pink polkadot cupcake stand! It's the perfect gift when you have to travel or go on holiday AND you now have to take all your Christmas gifts to your holiday destination. It folds up just and can be assembled as easy as 1,2,3! And what better gift to give to your fellow beauty bakers! Bonus: It will never be in your way, when you are not using it, you simply fold it up and put it away, or do what I do...always have something sweet on display ;)

{Now available from KoekiesEnCream} Order at koekiesencream@ymail.com

3 December 2012

Baby Animals for a Baby Shower

When I think about a baby shower I think of cute and cuddly gifts, soft colors and nappies, of course! So I decided to try and incorporate these three key words in my next baby shower cupcake design. I decided to use a recipe that would resemble the word cuddly: a vanilla cupcake with a very very soft and 'fluffy' texture.

2 December 2012

Back to Basics {3 Baking Tips}

KoekiesEnCream shares the three best baking tips with you to ensure that you are ready to take on any {baking} recipe!

1 December 2012

Caramel Centred Cookies!

Yum yum yum! What? A Vanilla Cookie with a Caramel Centre? YES! And you have to have one!

Order at koekiesencream@ymail.com to place your order or to buy the recipe*