30 May 2013

{Uniced} Naked Cake Collection!

A dear friend of mine Celesté Prince from Aglow Photography sent me a picture of a ‘Naked Cake’ one day. Little did I know how much I would grow to love this picture! European wedding blogs are going crazy {cakes} about a trend that I think will soon take on in the South African Wedding Cake industry. It’s called Naked Cakes or un-iced cakes. Au natural! I think it’s beautiful! So much of your time as a baker is spend perfection the colour, texture and taste of the cake inside, that I feel it only does justice to also have all of that on display. KoekiesEnCream in collaboration with Jana Jonsson Photography did a shoot last week to put the trend to the test and I must say, I really like the end result. There are just an endless amount of creative ways to display Naked Cakes! Flowers, birds, sweets and lovely treats, all used to decorate these contour cakes – whether it’s for an inside or garden wedding, a girly tea party or just a pretty birthday cake, naked cakes will certainly leave your guest asking {to see} more!
For more information or to order a Naked Cake contact koekiesencream@ymail.com or visit our Facebook page: KoekiesEnCream

{The KoekiesEnCream Naked Cake Collection}

23 May 2013

A Turkish {KitKat} Chocolate Delight!

There is no doubt about it, Winter is here! Snuggle up, get the fire place going, stock up on your favourite Pick n Pay goodies and wine and dine at home! After a lovely dinner with friends, just like the KoekiesEnCream Ham, yes ma'am recipe, what will you serve for dessert? Quick? Easy? Tasty? AND visually attractive to the 'gourmet' eyes out there?

KoekiesEnCream created a Turkish {KitKat} Chocolate Delight Dessert just for you! This is a delicious sweet {with a hint of lemon} dessert. One log will definitely be more than enough for four guests. So, while the fire sets the ambience of the evening, let your canapé style dinner {Ham, yes ma'am} create the excitement among your guests and leave their tummies with just enough space for the delight that you are about to serve them! {Easy-to-find Pick n Pay Shopping List below}

22 May 2013

The Perfect Pair{ing}

Ladies and gents, I’m not referring to shoes, chocolates or clothes. I talking about the best gourmet tasting-size soups created by Chef Reuben Riffel paired perfectly with the delightful vintages in Avondale Wine Estate’s collection of wines. Without a doubt – Winter is here!

21 May 2013

Ham, yes ma'am!

It was only recently that I was introduced to the world of all the different types of Ham from Pick n Pay. Smoked, parma ham, lemon & herb ham, you name it! And...yes ma'am, I do like ham, I discovered. Cooked and ready to eat! That's what I call Living in Luxury. A beautiful meal that can be prepared and plated within less than 45 minutes! Ham, gammon and pork is normally associated with the festive season, dressed with pineapple and cherry. So for today's recipe I decided to try and incorporate fruit to stay true to the sweet & sour taste that goes so well with ham, by incorporating peaches and a honey & soy combination as a side dish. But the combinations didn't just stop there!

15 May 2013

{Soup} Butter Chicken & Sweet Potato

I couldn't have chosen a better day to post this lovely winter warmer! On Sunday, for Mother's Day, I made a Sunday Starter to get our guests into winter-mode, get comfortable, but still have more than enough space left for the food that was to come. I didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen, but I wanted to keep my food fresh, looking delicious and be able to enjoy the day without having to be overly concerned about rushing back and forth from the kitchen every now and again. So to you it might look like a pumpkin or butternut soup? Nope, guess again...

Here is my quick and easy mystery soup recipe, thick and saucy!

12 May 2013

Sjoe Sjoe dis {Tiramisu}

Trek daardie ou resepte nader en ontdek die outydse Venesiaanse tert, ook meer bekend as Tiramisu.

Lig, vinnig en met 'n knertsie brandewyn én soetwyn is hiérdie tert een vir die boeke! Daar is eindelose opsies aan hierdie resep. Jy kan bylas en verander na eie smaak!

'n Mens kan eintlik hierdie tert 'n Venesiaanse 'cocktail' tert noem, want die geure wat in hierdie Tiramisu gemeng is, sal jou verseker opkikker!

10 May 2013

{Mother's Day} Cookie Love

The 12th of May is Mother's Day, what a special day indeed! This year has definitely been the year for giving and receiving edible gifts, personal gifts and DIY gifts. To me mother's day is one of the days where I would like to show my appreciation and love by creating something, putting time and effort into making, baking or cooking something special for my mother.

When I think of my mother there are a few words that come to mind: soft. love. pure. lady. joy. My mother loves gardening, has a sweet tooth, where I get it from, has a pure heart, makes me smile every time I hear her voice, is a lady in every way and softens a situation in a life where things can so easily become cold and hard.

This is exactly what inspired me to do a dainty little cookie for mother's day, that not only resembles her love for flowers, roses and politely perfect pearls, but taste as sweet as her smile, is as comforting as her embrace and as ladylike as she always is. Mamsie this is for you... 

6 May 2013

Creative Cheesecake Competition {WINNER}

WOW! Thank you to all the Pick n Pay & KoekiesEnCream Creative Cheesecake Competition entrants! We have a WINNER!


Congratulation! Your R500 Pick n Pay gift voucher is on its way! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you one of the most delicious cheesecake recipes that I have ever laid my eyes on...

Caitlin's Blue Cheese, Walnut & Fig Cheesecake Tart! {See Caitlin's story & recipe below}