26 September 2013

{Indian} Chicken Curry

I am very use to cooking chicken in my set ways with, I must admit, very bland flavours. Last night I tried out something new! A lovely - and I must admit I think it's now one of my new favourite flavours - Indian Korma Curry! I made it in a 'potjie' style way by adding the vegetables into the large saucepan on top of the flavoured chicken, to flavour the vegetables as well. Ginger, curry, BBQ and garlic were some of the delicious flavours and boy-o-boy did my husband love it - all his favourite flavours in one pot - and the spices are perfectly mild and not too hot! I think he enjoyed it so much he didn't even notice how much vegetables he actually ate!
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12 pieces of chicken - I used a mixture of drumsticks, breasts and wings
750ml boiled water
415g Denny Indian Korma Curry Sauce
1/2 tsp. garlic salt
1 tsp. BBQ spice
salt & pepper to taste
450g mixed vegetables
Season the chicken pieces with garlic salt and BBQ spice. In a large saucepan place the seasoned pieces and water - try not to rinse the seasoning off of the chicken while pouring in the water. With the lid on, let the chicken simmer on high for 25 - 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.
Add the Indian Korma curry sauce and mix through while on the stove. Turn down the heat to medium and add the mixed vegetables on top of the mixture, salt and pepper to taste. Place the lid back on and let the vegetables steam until medium soft. Do not let the vegetables steam until it is too soft then the curry will have a 'mooshy' texture.
Finally turn down the heat to low and gently stir the vegetables into the chicken curry. Let the curry simmer with the lid on for 6-8 minutes and serve hot.

*If you like chicken with a slightly more brown colour, simply pour the chicken curry into a casserole and place it under the grill at 200*C until desired colour is reached.
*Serving suggestion: The curry sauce also serves as a lovely sauce when served with traditional Indian lentil crackers - also called Pappadums - drizzled with balsamic glaze.

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23 September 2013

Pick{led} of the Week

Waterblommetjies! For those of you who don't live in the Western Cape won't be as familiar with this beautiful water flower as we are. They taste absolutely divine in a stew/bredie. Today, however, I tried one of Fresh Living Magazine's recipes - Pickled Waterblommetjies {September 2013 issue - p.28} (Available at Pick n Pay). I made my own little adjustments here and there to fit the ingredients that I have in my kitchen and to make it according to the spice blend I know my taste buds enjoy.
Although the pickled mixture has to mature for 3 weeks before one can really enjoy the fullness and deliciousness of the waterblommetjies, I decided to make it now and in 3 weeks time, with Spring then in full swing, I will serve my lovely Pickled Waterblommetjies with a cheese and biltong platter and wine! Find the Easy-to-find Pick n Pay Shopping List below!
A perfect homemade gift or to take with to a braai / wine & dine with friends!
600g waterblommetjies
2 1/4 cups white wine vinegar
1 1/2 cups light brown sugar
1 tsp. black peppercorns
1 tsp. coriander
3 cinnamon sticks
*Optional: you can also add one chopped red onion for extra taste and colour!
In a saucepan, heat up the vinegar and sugar. Add waterblommetjies and spices. With the lid of the saucepan on, bring the vinegar to boil.
Pour the mixture into a large glass container (with a lid) and let it cool before closing the glass jar. Now let the mixture mature for 2-3 weeks in the cupboard before serving.  

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17 September 2013

Tuisgemaakte {Sjokolade} Tennisbeskuitjiekors!

Ek het onlangs 'n Peppermint Crisp Tert geplaas met 'n heerlike Tennisbeskuitjiekors. Vandag het ek besluit om my eie weergawe van 'n tennisbeskuitjie te bak - 'n sjokolade een! Hierdie beskuitjiekors neem effens langer as die gewone krummel- of broskors omdat jy eers die tennisbeskuitjies self moet bak, maar dit is 100% die moeite werd.
Die heerlike heuning en klapper geure werk fantasties saam met 'n tikkie sjokolade - kakao. Hier is die resep:

100g sagte botter
1 k suiker
80g bruinsuiker
1 k meel
1 eier
1 teelepel koeksoda
1 k klapper
3 eetlepels heuning
1 ½ eetlepels kakao
1 teelepel vanilje
Klits botter en suikers saam tot romerig. Voeg eier en vanilje by. Sif droë bestanddele in en meng goed. Voeg heuning en klapper by en meng deur. Op ‘n gesmeerde bakplaat (dit sal ongeveer twee bakplate neem), plaas ongeveer 2cm deegballetjies op die bakplaat en bak vir 10 minute op 180*C. Plaas die klaar gebakte koekies op ‘n droograk om af te koel.
Wanneer die koekies heeltemal afgekoel is, plaas hulle in ‘n deursigtige sterk plastieksak en kap die koekies fyn. Smelt 3 eetlepels botter en meng dit tesame met die gekrummelde koekies in ‘n mengbak. Gooi nou die koekie- en bottermengsel onder in die gesmeerde losboom koekpan, versprei dit eweredig en druk plat sodat die koekies ‘n netjies beskuitjielaag onder in die koekpan vorm. Sit in die yskas terwyl jy die res van jou gekose tert voorberei.
*Die sjokolade tennisbeskuitjiekors smaak heerlik met 'n sjokolade yskastert of met 'n pepermenttert bolaag!

11 September 2013

A {little} apple a day

It's cute, it's sweet and it's everything you need for a mid-day treat! These baby apple treats are really easy to make, looks pretty and are oh-so-delicious! It's perfect for a sweet canapé, with a sour-ish twist. The best part of this little treat is that the taste is concentrated, it's sweet and the textures are to die for! As you bite into the crisp Goldcrest Baby Apple, a layer of Nutella surprises your tongue and gets tickled by crisp desiccated coconut. {Easy-to-find Pick n Pay Shopping list below}

 This is what you need:
1 tin Goldcrest Baby Apples
6-8 tbsp. melted Nutella
4 tbsp. desiccated coconut
Drain the Goldcrest Baby Apples. Dip 3/4 of the baby apple into the Nutella and then dip the bottom 1/4 of the baby apple into coconut. Put it on a plate and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes before serving.

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2 September 2013

Tea time with a {twist}

It's tea time! Today I baked 'easy-cookies' as I'd like to call them with a little bit of a twist. I don't suppose you'll be able to do it with any cookie recipe, but this one is a must-try! Cookies with a Rosé crunch to it! Yes, Rosé the light pinkish wine, often used for cocktails because of its lovely blush colour and 'lightness' in taste!

The twist is not in the actual making of the cookie, but in the baking! Once you've baked your cookies and it just needs to stay in the oven for 5 more minutes...that's your cue! Quickly take out the cookies from the oven and lightly brush the top of the cookie with a little bit of Rosé and pop them back into the oven! As you know the alcohol will bake away and you'll have lovely touch-of-Rosé flavoured cookies to serve with tea!