16 April 2013

Tantalise your Taste {of Cape Town} Buds!

I never thought I’d dream of food after I’ve already eaten it, but after this year’s Pick n Pay Taste of Cape Town event, I was even day-dreaming about the tantalising tastes I tried and tested. I simply couldn’t wait for it to start, so I attended Friday night’s session.  Off course I did a little research as to the who’s who that  was going to cook up a storm at the festival and I knew that come the end of the session I had to have at least tasted one of each.
Well, well, well, was I surprised, time flies when your having fun and eating delicious food, but I managed (and I still don’t know how) to taste all my favourites – and a few extra too. I also had the opportunity to meet executive Chef Stefan Marais from The Brasserie and Janine from SASSI after a very informative session about sustainable seafood in the Pick n Pay Chef’s Theatre, where we were greeted with a pomegranate and mint refreshment drink and a Fresh Living Magazine. For more information about sustainable seafood {click here}.
In true KoekiesEnCream style I started my tasting list with dessert - I’m so glad I did as there were so many to choose from!
Here is the KoekiesEnCream Top 5 ‘sweet tooth’ tastings:
1. Banana Macaroons with Banana Puree, Banana Caviar and gel from Dash Restaurant & Bar.
2. White Chocolate Pistachio Truffle with Dark Chocolate Ganache inside from Apprentice.
3. Coconut & Lime Handmade Ice Cream from The Creamery. – Just loved the cuteness and energy about them!
4. Freshly made Lindt Milk Chocolate Pralines and Truffles from Lindt Chocolate Studio.
5. Rose Macaroons from Daniela’s.
Next: The mains! This was indeed the best I’ve had in years, not only because I love eating small portions, but because I had the chance to select every single main portion that I was about to have.
My Top 3 mains:
1. Slow roasted beef short rib, grilled rib-eye, goats cheese arancini, miso-roasted sweetcorn, pickled beetroot & smoked BBQ jus from Signal Restaurant at Cape Grace.
2. West Coast Mussels with tomato & chili from TheBrasserie, can also be served as a starter if you take a small portion.
3. 24hour-braised lamb breast, parmesan polenta & smoked tomato jus from Dash Restaurant.
Lastly, I wanted to end my first ever Taste of Cape Town with a starter (as a reminder that this is the start of great things to come). There was one particular starter that stood out amongst the rest for me:
The taste, texture and colours of the Norwegian Salmon & Avocado Tartare, Parmesan Galette, Ikura Caviar, soy-lime broth & micro herbs from Savour @ 15 on Orange.
Photos edited by Jana Jonsson Photography
Remember there are literally hundreds of delicious dishes, drinks & desserts to choose and taste, so be sure not to miss the next tantalising Taste of Cape Town in 2014.
View the full Show Guide Menu here.

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