18 October 2012

KoekiesEnCream Catalogue

We are currently busy with our beautiful catalogue for Summer 2013! But you don't have to wait to order. We are uploaded a pre-catalogue just for your convenience! Have a look and remember to put your orders in as soon as possible, Christmas is around the corner and KoekiesEnCream will have to have more than one Santa to deliver all the beautiful upcoming orders!

How it works in 5 quick steps!

1. Decide what you want to order from either 1; 2; 3 or 4.
2. If you want to order cupcakes: make your selection in areas (a); (b) & (c)
    *Add something "extra" from (2)
3. For wedding cakes and cupcakes see (3)
4. For KoekiesEnCream Cinnabuns order from (4)
5. Put in your order at koekiesencream@ymail.com


3. Wedding Cakes: Please email koekiesencream@ymail.com for Wedding Cake / Cupcake requests.

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