18 October 2012

Cupcakes in a cup!

Espresso Red Velvet Cupcakes!
At KoekiesEnCream it's all about detail, detail and more detail. Whether it is in the taste of the cupcake, the decorative fondant detail or simply the cup or wrapping that the cupcake is delivered in. But what happens if you are at home and you don't necessarily have cute or pretty cupcake wrappers to serve your cupcakes in...? It's as simple as either going onto our blog and following the DIY Cupcake Wrapper Step-by-step or getting creative with what you have in your own kitchen that you can use: vintage cups, doilies or even gingerbread man wax paper can do the trick!
I discovered the cutest black espresso cups in my kitchen that I bought more than 3 years ago and just couldn't resist using them for this shoot!


  1. KYK HOE MOOI!!!! JY HELDER ALLES OP HESTELLE!!! PRAGTIG EN N BAIE GOEIE IDEE XX dis net n plesier om saam met jou te werk xx

    1. Baie dankie Celesté! Dit is jou pragtige foto-vernuf wat elke 'detail' so mooi vasvang! **