1 November 2012

Petit Move Four Movember!

KoekiesEnCream is celebrating Movember. Raising awareness for those who struggle with the fight against different types of cancer. Wouldn't you also like to make a difference and put a smile, a laugh or a giggle back on somebody's face? It surely is the little things in life that makes us smile, laugh and giggle. There are so many charities out there that desperately need your help. So, don't be a moaner in Movember, be a mover and a shaker and help bring back the smile and laughter for young and old in their fight against cancer. 

Do you want to help? Here are a few Charities/ Associations and Care Centres you can contact:

KoekiesEnCream Movember Petit Fours hopefully triggers a giggle or a smile and makes you think about what it's all about, and go that extra mile! That petit move you make WILL make a BIG difference!

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