3 December 2012

Baby Animals for a Baby Shower

When I think about a baby shower I think of cute and cuddly gifts, soft colors and nappies, of course! So I decided to try and incorporate these three key words in my next baby shower cupcake design. I decided to use a recipe that would resemble the word cuddly: a vanilla cupcake with a very very soft and 'fluffy' texture.

To show off the soft colors I used: mint green, white and pastel blue.

Then I thought...how am I going to incorporate the nappy element into my design...? I custom made cupcake wrappers to look like they where simply fastened by a piece of tape, which actually looks just like the sticky tape on an actual nappy.

With so many ideas, colors and cute babies to draw inspiration from, I can't wait to do my next baby shower cupcake design... for a little girl!

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