2 December 2012

Back to Basics {3 Baking Tips}

KoekiesEnCream shares the three best baking tips with you to ensure that you are ready to take on any {baking} recipe!

Firstly, I can't start any recipe without making sure that my oven is pre-heated, my 'operating' table is squeeky clean, the eggs are room temperature and that I've taking out the butter a few hours before to ensure that it's already softened - as required/specified by most {baking} recipes.

Secondly, make sure you use utensils that you know how to use, therefore go back to basics. Our grandmother's didn't have hi-tech equiptment - they used what they had and baked with their hearts. I still use my mother's wisk, it's old, has character AND it's strong. I invested in a {beautiful} and medium sized wooden spoon and need I say more...I use it everyday! And then, in Afrikaans we call it a 'lekkertjie', the silicone spatula - you don't want that last bit of batter to go to waste. So, no matter what's old or new on the shelves, make sure you are comfortable using it, because the utensils you use greatly influence the texture of your end 'product'. 
Lastly, use FRESH ingredients. Being a baker I go through ingredient too quick to let them actually go past their 'best before' date, but if you don't bake regularly ingredients like self-raising flour needs to be replaced. Then, when you use ingredients like cocoa powder and icing sugar, the best tip I can possibly give you, and yes it takes a little extra time, but it is very important to sift sift sift! It makes for a much lighter texture without any clumps.

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