30 May 2013

{Uniced} Naked Cake Collection!

A dear friend of mine Celesté Prince from Aglow Photography sent me a picture of a ‘Naked Cake’ one day. Little did I know how much I would grow to love this picture! European wedding blogs are going crazy {cakes} about a trend that I think will soon take on in the South African Wedding Cake industry. It’s called Naked Cakes or un-iced cakes. Au natural! I think it’s beautiful! So much of your time as a baker is spend perfection the colour, texture and taste of the cake inside, that I feel it only does justice to also have all of that on display. KoekiesEnCream in collaboration with Jana Jonsson Photography did a shoot last week to put the trend to the test and I must say, I really like the end result. There are just an endless amount of creative ways to display Naked Cakes! Flowers, birds, sweets and lovely treats, all used to decorate these contour cakes – whether it’s for an inside or garden wedding, a girly tea party or just a pretty birthday cake, naked cakes will certainly leave your guest asking {to see} more!
For more information or to order a Naked Cake contact koekiesencream@ymail.com or visit our Facebook page: KoekiesEnCream

{The KoekiesEnCream Naked Cake Collection}

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