23 May 2013

A Turkish {KitKat} Chocolate Delight!

There is no doubt about it, Winter is here! Snuggle up, get the fire place going, stock up on your favourite Pick n Pay goodies and wine and dine at home! After a lovely dinner with friends, just like the KoekiesEnCream Ham, yes ma'am recipe, what will you serve for dessert? Quick? Easy? Tasty? AND visually attractive to the 'gourmet' eyes out there?

KoekiesEnCream created a Turkish {KitKat} Chocolate Delight Dessert just for you! This is a delicious sweet {with a hint of lemon} dessert. One log will definitely be more than enough for four guests. So, while the fire sets the ambience of the evening, let your canapĂ© style dinner {Ham, yes ma'am} create the excitement among your guests and leave their tummies with just enough space for the delight that you are about to serve them! {Easy-to-find Pick n Pay Shopping List below}


1st layer: 6-8 KitKat sticks
2nd layer: 8 lemon Turkish Delight blocks - slices to cover the 1st layer
3rd layer: 1 can Caramel Treat, mix in 1/4 cup Cocoa & 1 cup Icing Sugar {Sieved}


In a rectangular bowl, place the KitKat sticks to cover the base. Slice lemon Turkish Delight and cover the first layer. Mix Caramel Treat, Icing sugar and Cocoa together and pour into a piping bag. Cover the 2nd layer with caramel treat mixture. Refrigerate for 25 minutes.  

Serving Suggestion: Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream & garnish with KitKat shavings.

{Easy-to-find Pick n Pay Shopping List}

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