22 May 2013

The Perfect Pair{ing}

Ladies and gents, I’m not referring to shoes, chocolates or clothes. I talking about the best gourmet tasting-size soups created by Chef Reuben Riffel paired perfectly with the delightful vintages in Avondale Wine Estate’s collection of wines. Without a doubt – Winter is here!

On a rushed afternoon of the 10th of May a group of lovely food bloggers were invited to embark on the Avondale adventure! Upon arrival , bubbly in hand, we – the food bloggers and other farm guests - were taken on an eco tour of Avondale Wine Estate & its cellar. Of course I don’t want to give away all the secrets to the bio dynamic and organic farming and their use of more or less 100 fluffy and cute ducks to control the snails within the wine yards, but I do want to disclose their emphasis on natural farming. Soil is life and all character comes from it. By farming ‘naturally’, as they do, you really do get to experience the full natural flavour of the respective Avondale wines.

Back at the tasting room, soups were brewing, simmering, hot and ready to be tasted. But this was no ordinary tasting. Chef Reuben Riffel presented the pairings himself! Without further ado let me give you a visual taste of what you can experience when going for the Winter Warmer Pairing at Avondale Wine Estate from 22 May to 15 July! Just remember to book – R120 per person {021-863 1976 or wine@avondalewine.co.za}

{The Winter Warmer Pairing experience}

The Tasting begins with Baby Marrow & Basil Soup, garnished with crispy baby marrow, accompanied by a glass of the effervescent Armilla Méthode Cap Classique.
This is followed with Avondale’s vibrant Chenin Blanc Anima, paired with Confit  Duck and Bean Soup.
Avondale’s Viognier blend Cyclus marries well with French Onion Soup, served with melted Epoisse Toastie.
Avondale’s Camissa Rosé is served with Chai-Style Butternut Soup.

Avondale’s Syrah Samsara is paired with Parsnip & Artichoke Soup, served with grated parmesan and olive oil.
And finally, Avondale’s signature red blend La Luna partners with Truffle Bean Soup.
Johnathan Grieve, Proprietor of Avondale, says: “We have collaborated with Chef Reuben on numerous occasions before, and the soup and wine pairing was born out of a desire to give an exciting, fresh take on a traditional winter comfort food. We are extremely fortunate to have Chef Reuben on board for this experience as we knew he would be able do precisely that – create beautiful, gourmet soups created with fresh, seasonal and, where possible, local ingredients that would do justice to Avondale’s collection of fine wines.”
{Book NOW} Winter Warmer Pairing at Avondale Wine Estate from 22 May to 15 July! – R120 per person {021-863 1976 or wine@avondalewine.co.za}

This post was written for Avondale Wine Estate.

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