23 September 2013

Pick{led} of the Week

Waterblommetjies! For those of you who don't live in the Western Cape won't be as familiar with this beautiful water flower as we are. They taste absolutely divine in a stew/bredie. Today, however, I tried one of Fresh Living Magazine's recipes - Pickled Waterblommetjies {September 2013 issue - p.28} (Available at Pick n Pay). I made my own little adjustments here and there to fit the ingredients that I have in my kitchen and to make it according to the spice blend I know my taste buds enjoy.
Although the pickled mixture has to mature for 3 weeks before one can really enjoy the fullness and deliciousness of the waterblommetjies, I decided to make it now and in 3 weeks time, with Spring then in full swing, I will serve my lovely Pickled Waterblommetjies with a cheese and biltong platter and wine! Find the Easy-to-find Pick n Pay Shopping List below!
A perfect homemade gift or to take with to a braai / wine & dine with friends!
600g waterblommetjies
2 1/4 cups white wine vinegar
1 1/2 cups light brown sugar
1 tsp. black peppercorns
1 tsp. coriander
3 cinnamon sticks
*Optional: you can also add one chopped red onion for extra taste and colour!
In a saucepan, heat up the vinegar and sugar. Add waterblommetjies and spices. With the lid of the saucepan on, bring the vinegar to boil.
Pour the mixture into a large glass container (with a lid) and let it cool before closing the glass jar. Now let the mixture mature for 2-3 weeks in the cupboard before serving.  

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