28 October 2012

Gatsby Kitchentea Cupcakes

This weekend was a weekend filled with fun festivities! One of my challenges this past weekend was to bake Gatsby Inspired Cupcakes. I loved designing these cupcakes and cupcake wrappers from the word go - AND I had the chance two work with my favorite color combination - Nude & Black - with a touch of pearl.

Themed Kitchen-teas are becoming quite a trend - I think us girls would probably jump at any opportunity to wear those pretty grandma pearls, that beautiful black number and a little bit of lace. Well, with KoekiesEnCream cupcakes I wasn't going to leave out any detail! I rushed through a few fabric shops, browsed our local Antique shops and off course, opened a few hat boxes of my grandmother to get some inspiration. Needless to say I had my own little dress-up session just to get into the look and feel of the era of THE GREAT GATSBY! And for this special themed Kitchen-tea I custom made the nude and black cupcake wrappers to compliment the look and feel of the cupcakes by added sticker pearls & diamonds, lampshade fringes and some feathers. 25 different Gatsby inspired cupcakes!

I hope you get as much joy from looking at these cupcakes as I had making them - and yes, I also wish I could taste them, well...maybe I had just one...with some tea...in the garden, all dressed up!

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