20 November 2012

Melt in the middle!

Creating new recipes! That's what it's all about! Whether it's throwing together a few old ones or creating one from scratch. I've been working with the idea of cupcakes with no icing for a while as I found that sometimes you want something sweet, but the icing is just a little bit too much. So, I played around with the idea of having icing inside the cupcake. It's not on-top, this time it's inside!

And...the best part is you can do this with any cupcake recipe of your choice in four easy steps!

1. You can either use chocolate or caramel, unwrap it and put it in the freezer.
2. Make your cupcake batter and pour it into your cupcake tins.
3. Insert the frozen chocolate or caramel so it's positioned in the middle of the batter.
4. Bake your cupcakes as per your recipe's specifications.


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