21 December 2012

{All wrapped up} and somewhere special to go!

It's a wrap for 2012 and I can truly say that 2012 has been a very blessed year for KoekiesEnCream! I met some extraordinary people, baked some interesting cupcakes and learned so much about the baking industry. However the year isn't over yet with all the New Year's events and adventures that we will all be engaging in in the next couple of days! But, I want to thank all my clients who keep on coming with wild, interesting, creative and challenging ideas! I can't wait to see what 2013 has up its sleeve!

This then our last Christmas Cookie & Cupcake post for 2012. May you all have a great holiday filled with sweet things and kind words! And as I always say {in Afrikaans} - Ietsie soets is altyd ietsie goeds!

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