11 February 2013

{Valentine's} Pick my Heart

Today KoekiesEnCream and Pick n Pay will help you plan a very special Valentine's foodie-day for two! Are you stuck at the idea of even planning a Valentine's treat? Don't have a clue what to eat? Are you having chicken, fish or meat? Well, let's help you create a 3 course meal that will sweep your Valentine of his/her feet!

Decorate, create and celebrate a one-of-a-kind {DIY} Valentine's Date!
1. Find a comfy space in/around the house where you will be able to set up your foodie feast.
2. Take our easy-to-find shopping list, head down to your nearest Pick n Pay or simply shop online.
3. Follow the easy-to-make instructions for every course.

{Start(er)} the day with a special wake-up call - to me it would be a fresh cup of Pick n Pay Organic Ground Coffee, Ouma Buttermilk Rusks and a spoon {or 3} of Nutella to wake me up! The perfect start to a week-day before you both head off to work.

{Easy-to-find Shopping List - Wake-up with Love}

{Canapés} are a great way to kickstart your {DIY} Valentine's Date. Try to arrive at home before your partner does and create a fresh Smoked Norwegian Salmon, Garlic & Herb Cream Cheese and Kiwi on Panealba's Italian speciality biscuit platter, with some ice cold JC Le Roux MCC Brut on the side.  

{Easy-to-find Shopping List - Smoked Salmon Canapés} 

{Main Course} can be served at a table specially decorated for two! Intimate, cute and with your unique taste you can create the 'perfect picture' and 'plot' for your love story. On the menu is the delicious easy-to-cook in a bag Leg of Lamb from the Pick n Pay Finest Range with Mediterrano Balsamic Reduction with Ricotta Cheese & Champignon Mushroom Sauce (both just ready to cook/warm-up and eat, BONUS - time saver!) Serve this mouthwatering meat sensation with a quick and easy Baby Potato, Shiitake Mushroom, Red Onion and Blue Cheese Salad! It's as easy as:

1. Cook the baby potatoes until soft.
2. Pan fry the red onion slices and mushrooms in a teaspoon of olive oil until light brown.
3. Cut the baby potatoes into quarters, add the red onion and mushrooms, crumble in some blue cheese and drizzle with a love pre-made creamy blue cheese sause!

{Easy-to-find Shopping List - Love for Leg of Lamb }

{Dessert} must be something special! And this is where you can put your {heart} in it! We have created a fresh, fruity, sweet & sour treat! (Seeing that we already had chocolate in the morning then) To once more make it as easy as 1,2,3:

1. Cut out a few heart shaped puff pastry pieces and bake it on a lightly buttered baking tray - see puff pastry pack for instructions.
2. Mix 1 Sour Cream bottle and 1 cup icing sugar. Slice pineapple, drizzle the slices with the sour cream mixture, add the Finest Gooseberries in Syrup and blueberries.
3. Place the puff pastry hearts on top of the fresh & sweet fruity mixture and finally dust it with a little icing sugar.

 {Easy-to-find Shopping List - Sweet&Sour Heart Dessert}

Food Styling & Preparation by Hestelle Pretorius - KoekiesEnCream
Food & Products Sponsored by Pick n Pay



  1. Dit is so, so vreeslik mooi!! Wow!

  2. This is awesome! My previous Valentine's Day plans turned out a flop and not repeating it this year!

  3. It's always a pleasure! I hope you also get a little treat! Have a lovely Valentine's Week!

  4. Ons is 8 "couples' wat al vir 15 jaar elke jaar saam Valentine vier. Gaan verseker van jou reseppies gebruik! Elkeen maak 'n dis, so ek gaan eerste deps. Julle is pragtig en oorspronklik. Liefde uit Windheok